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 Loose and Shifting Teeth in Scarsdale, NY

Symptoms Of A Bigger Issue

Some of the signs and symptoms you should be aware of include: 

  • Sore or inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pus buildup around the tooth
  • Food getting stuck between the teeth or under the gums
  • Gum recession

The above mentioned symptoms are also indications of an active infection in your mouth.

Loose and Shifting Teeth in Scarsdale, NY Should Be Examined as Soon as Possible

Have you noticed that one or more of your teeth are loose? Do you feel as if your teeth have begun to shift out of place? Can you wiggle your teeth with your tongue even though they are supposed to be permanent teeth? These are indications that you should contact Dr. Paul Snisky and Dr. Stephen Stein for an immediate appointment.

Adult teeth are not meant to become loose. This is why it is critical that we evaluate shifting teeth to identify the underlying cause of the problem. If loose teeth are not addressed by a dental professional, there is a risk that the teeth could be lost or have to eventually be extracted. In addition, other teeth could become loose as well.
Dr. Snisky and Dr. Stein specialize in helping patients with loose teeth in Scarsdale, NY. Please contact our office to schedule an exam.

Potential Causes of Shifting Teeth

  • Teeth can shift or start to loosen for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Advanced periodontal disease that has never been diagnosed and/or treated
  • An injury or trauma to the mouth
  • A tooth infection that has invaded the bone

The only way to determine the root cause of your loose teeth is to undergo a comprehensive examination that will likely include x-rays. Please know that we will do everything possible to help you keep your natural teeth. However, if they must be extracted, there are many options to restore your smile such as single or multiple dental implant solutions.

Tooth loss is a common occurrence for many adults, but with early intervention, we can often prevent this unfortunate event. If you are noticing any signs of gum disease or loose teeth, or have experienced trauma or injury to the mouth in Scarsdale, NY, contact Dr. Snisky and Dr. Stein today to schedule your consultation.

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